The ‘Green Green House’ was constructed using over a thousand recycled plastic bottles, collected over a period of 3 to 4 months from friends and the local recycling centre. The construction relies on the natural rigidity of the bottle columns as I didn’t want to resort to a ready-built frame. This meant a lot of trial and error in getting the roof self-supporting. I also made use of the bottle bases, sewing them together to make the stained glass window over the front door, as well as a bead curtain for the entrance. The green house has a wonderful fluidity and luminosity whilst creating a harmonious link to its natural surroundings. In this climate of enhanced conservational awareness, it is exciting to bring a practical element to recycled materials whether it be inspirational, educational or regenerative. I trust I have demonstrated that trash can be transformed into a beautiful building that sparkles and shimmers in the sun while conserving heat and rainwater.